On June 21, 2019 I met Pat Monahan of Train. I have put off documenting this moment because honestly I’m still processing through it. This was a moment I knew would happen eventually. Mostly because it was a decision I made years ago. But can one really prepare for a moment like this?

I was surprised at how surprised I was by how star struck I was upon meeting him. Why wouldn’t I be? I had listening to and internalizing his creations since 1996. 

This moment. Words. Words are hard. They were hard that night and they are hard now. Pat is a real person, you guys. I wanted to treat him like a human. I wanted to be the same, as opposed to a robot or broken record. What I presented was a star struck, stumbling fan-girl. You guys, my breathe was literally gone. He could tell I was nervous. He was so kind to me. He was real. He was a calm and welcoming presence to be around. And although he didn’t see me as I wanted to present myself, he did see me in my real, exposed human self. It’s a wild thing to consider that he, even for just a moment, knew I existed. 

What he doesn’t know is that he’s a part of my family. Growing up, my family could always agree on one thing. Train!

I have countless memories of my whole family screaming those lyrics at the top of our lungs for entire road trips, word for word. And sometimes even mishearing lyrics and laughing later at what we thought it said. 

Train, while intentionally creating music, also created family memories as a byproduct of providing something to bond over. 

See this rad Train pin on my collar? Pat complimented it. I honestly don’t even know that I responded. But what I would have liked to have told him was that my sister gifted me that pin, shout out to Adaley Jean Busenbark. Everyday-Madisen would have explained to him that she and I have a summer tradition to attend the Train concert together every year and that this was the first concert without her there, since moving away from home for graduate school. Wearing it was my way of bringing Sis with me. Everyday-Madisen would have expressed gratitude for giving my family a commonality to bring us together.

Individually, these are more than just songs. They are life markers from as early as I can remember till now. I reflect on certain songs, what I was experiencing when they came out, what they meant to me then, and how they’ve changed meaning since slash how different lyrics stand out at different times. I may not have my own musical ability, but I sure have appreciated the ability to process and even discover emotion through consuming others expressions. Shout out to mom and dad for sharing their taste with me! 

Everyday-Madisen would have asked Pat what his favorite song is. Every-day Madisen would have asked him his favorite Train song. I’d like to imagine that we have the same favorite song. When I hear him sing When I Look to the Sky, I feel so much passion emit from him. I would, much like nearly every Train fan out there, express that this song reminds me of my family from afar and helps me feel close. As I listen, as I feel, I am reminded that the relationships we create in this life will expand into the next. Again, filling my heart with gratitude for the time, talent, and emotion he puts into his work. And that he’s willing to share that with others. 

This week has been filled with a particularly large amount of love for my family. I am grateful for them. I am grateful that Pat has been a part of it. So I suppose this is a two part post. I am grateful for how my love for my family and my love for music crossover in such a beautiful and meaningful way for me.

Friends, if you made it to the end of this post, what would you want your favorite singer/songwriter to know if you had a chance to tell them? 

Pat, if you see this post, thank you for being kind to me in more way than you know.

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