Elder Oaks talked about how generally we are pancakes in learning. We are spread wide and thin.

I want to be well versed in my knowledge, yes, but I don't just want to learn a little about a lot! I want to go DEEP!

Teach and be taught. If you have the Spirit you can continue to learn in all that you do. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings that will drive the Spirit away.

I have learned that Satan wants you to put your "trust in the arms of flesh" especially when it comes to the family.

Humbling ourselves and pleading with the Lord for help is crucial within parenting. Go to the Lord and say, "I don't know what to do! I need help."

Elder Bednar stated that the purpose of learning should have pure intent. We shuld use our knowledge to benefit and uplift others. We are to build the kingdom of God.

President Eyring pleaded that we never pass up the opportunity to learn! He even goes as far as to say that learning helps you be HAPPIER!!

He reiterates the importance of humility in learning.

Having a problem being humble? Study the doctrine of the fall. They ARE aware they are fallen and are desperate.

When it comes to the scriptures.. don't think you have enough! Those who LEARN will be given MORE!

If we are able to be taught we will learn so many things pertaining to God's plan. 

We will have humility and the Spirit and will be able to teach accordingly.

The Spirit will be important to have as we learn and come to understand true doctrine. 

We can help others BECOME as we teach correct doctrine in a way that the Spirit can testify and help them understand. The doctrine will help them develop a purpose.

As well as ourselves.