Once upon a time I was a child. A child with a secret ambition. An ambition to become a dog sled racer! As I grew older, I chose other paths much different from this. This week I was blessed with the opportunity to be introduced to this art and I jumped on that like Simba on Zazu in the Lion King. I would say that I "crossed it off my bucket-list" but I quickly realized that my dream had not died. Of course I will continue to pursue my passion of advocating the family as my life's work, but I will simply be adding another hobby to my days. Dreams can often times be fulfilled in other ways than we originally imagined, but fulfilled nonetheless.

God will always direct our paths and He has great things in store for us!

What was your secret childhood ambition growing up? Do you have anything on your "bucket-list" or "New Years resolution" lists from lists past that you've forgotten? I challenge you to chase your dreams and not let circumstances change them! If they change, I hope it's by choice. We are meant to be objects to act not to be acted upon!

The challenge comes in keeping in mind the difference between good, better, and best and focusing on what matters most. You ARE in control of your future!! And it's a bright one if that's what you envision (:

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