Secular knowledge and spiritual knowledge can be studied side by side. As we show our willingness to learn, the Lord can bless us with new knowledge. With TRUTH.

Anything we learn we can look at through the lens of the gospel plan.

A few key points of doctrine- gospel truth, eternal, pertain to our salvation, answers the why.

A few key points of principle- doctrinally based guidelines, answers the what.

A few key points of applications- actual behaviors, answers the how.

If you have applications without doctrine and principle it will have no effect. You NEED doctrine and principle in order to become and apply.

If you are having a struggle acting on a certain belief then it would be beneficial to ask yourself what doctrine you are not understanding.

Example: If you truly understand the doctrines of "watch over, be with, strengthen" then you would have no temptations to skip this month of visiting or home teaching.

Elder Bednar taught that "the answers are always in the doctrines and principles."

In Doctrine and Covenants 20:53 we learn how to teach and how to parent!

Elder Scott added that "a true principle makes decisions clear even under the most confusing and compelling circumstances."

Ask yourself, "What doctrine or principle, if understood, would lead _______ to _______?"