Let me start off by saying how absolutely wonderful my Christmas week was! I hope that yours was at least half as great as mine, even!! (: Just in case anybody was feeling bad for me being away from home during the holidays... don't! I feel bad for all of YOU!! I wish you could be full time missionaries for the Lord at this time, it's incredible (: But, luckily you can be member missionaries! haha. And still serve and things every day, everywhere you go, not only during this Christmas time but always! How great is it to be called to share His love (: Let me also say that it was AWESOME to get to SEE my family on Christmas!! That just brightened my whole day (: And then, after that (and before that too, really) I spent it with my awesome ward family (:

Now, I also have to give a disclosure... I don't have much time to email today- let me explain- yesterday we had a spontaneous mission wide conference! Because Elder Kent F. Richards of the 2nd quorum of the 70 was in town and offered his service towards us! So that's what we did yesterday... heard from him and his lovely wife, and President and his (: And so today is p-day, but just half of a day and yesterday's second half was also for preparation- and we had a bunch of errands to run for other people. Which is always great, but means I'll have to keep it short, but we still wanted to make sure we wrote (:

We had a great week- much like yesterday, full of service, love, and God's children. I have had a lot of thoughts come to mind since yesterday's conference, which was incredible by the way, and I have been thinking a lot since Elder Richards asked the question, "Do you know that God is mindful of you?" My answer is yes! And I wanted to share with you how I know. I have this confirmed to me often, but some really neat things happened on Christmas (and the surrounding days) we stopped by a families house who had their whole house full of family there, and in the midst of it all I saw someone that looked familiar, but I didn't think much of it. Until he came to introduce himself (he is the member in our ward's son-in-law) to me a few minutes after we got there. He walked right up to me and before he said anything I said, "You look so familiar to me" and then he responded with, "I was just about to say the same thing." As soon as I heard his voice I realized where I knew him from- he was my college professor a year and a half ago! And his daughter (the Green's granddaughter) was in that class! AND I remember a couple of his other children coming in to class to sing to us a song about the prophets and apostles (he was my Teachings of the Living Prophets teacher- for those of you who know I took this class also know that it was my absolute favorite!!). It was so fun to see them again and get to reminisce briefly. It was something so simple, but I had confirmed to me at that moment that God is mindful of me. It brought just enough of home to me to be able to serve more effectively and have a smile on my face as we visited the remainder of the people on our schedule.

Another story, I'll try to make this quick too- because we were in our area on Christmas eve (we originally were going to have a mission wide Christmas Eve party but then the Spirit told President not to go through with it... which I am so glad he listened) something neat happened. We were able to bake cookies and take them to the people we were visiting this week, from the bishop. And while we were doing this... I had the thought to take a plate of cookies to our neighbors. This thought had come to my mind in the past, but I kept pushing it aside because taking a random plate of cookies might be a little weird? (However, missionaries do things out of their comfort zone- weird things- all the time haha) I had been praying for an opportunity to arise to actually have a reason to take him cookies when I received a letter from my mom where she told me she was almost done taking treats to the neighbors, which reminded me that HELLO, NOOOW is the perfect time! We took the cookies to the neighbor, along with a card testifying of Jesus Christ. He seemed a little surprised and caught off guard but we left him the treats and went on our way. The next morning, Christmas day, as we were leaving our apartment we found a letter taped to our door. It was from our neighbor! He thanked us for the cookies and card and told us how much they meant to him. This was the neatest thing, because of what he said in that letter we knew that he had continued to think about the things that were said and done! This a confirmation to me that God is mindful of my neighbor, Chris! Who we should always be friends with, by the way. And was able to guide us to his door with a plate of cookies that he very much appreciated this time of year.

Aaaand... one more real quick story! haha. Most of you probably know Hermana (Sister) Hannah Downs... well we used to talk about crazy awesome things all the time, and one of our conversations, that later turning into the song "Tiny Angels" was about how... how we have our future family (and ancestors from the past, I'll add) looking out for us and cheering us on. Well, yesterday when we heard from Sister Richards she talked about how we should think of our future children when we are ever wondering if this is worth it, or if we are having troubles being obedient or something like that. And anyways... this was just really cool to have a general authority and his wife talk about, and then go home and listen to Sister Downs sing the beautiful song! Yet another reminder that God is mindful of me (:

Oh, and I gave that talk on Sunday! Wrote it Sun. morning, haha. I was actually able to finish it!! And now I have been asked to speak again in two weeks, in the other ward. This time on the gifts of the Holy Ghost. You all know this is one of my favs! Any thoughts on THIS topic would be appreciated, too!! I suppose I'm finally making up for the past 9 months where I haven't had to say a word in sacrament meeting. haha. I'm excited for the blessings (; haha (:

Anywho... p-day is over! Got to run. I took a bunch of awesome pictures, I'll try to make enough time to send them next week! I love you all!! And I hope and pray that YOU know that God is mindful of YOU!! I do (:

Love, Sister Madisen Busenbark (:

p.s. I will share some of the things I learned from Elder Richards (and more importantly, from the Spirit:) next week when I have more time too!! We talked about some AWESOME things, and like I said- I've had some incredible thoughts a rolling since then (: I LOVE THE PRIESTHOOD AUTHORITY ON THE EARTH!! (: It's so cool to be a missionary, a servant of the Lord, and be able to hear from them so frequently.

Have a great day!!
Smile, because the Church is true!! Christ himself said it was (:


Dear parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, best friends, friends, and acquaintances... (: Haha Just kidding... FAMILY!! You're all simply FAMILY (:

Merry Christmas, from the Desert!! (: It's 78* today. I hope you all enjoy your nice white Christmas, while I enjoy my nice BRIGHT one (: hehe

This past week was rather nice and I can only imagine that this week will be even better! I absolutely love this time of year. I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting on Sunday, well... sort of... I wasn't able to finish it due to a medical emergency in the congregation... (definitely a Christmas program I will never forget! Stopped the whole meeting... then Bishop said some closing remarks and  we sang the closing hymn and went to our next class as the EMT took Bro P. away. It was incredible to see how many people came together to help! There are a lot of doctors and things in our ward.) but I did get to prepare for it! We were asked to give a reason for the hope that is within us, and as I pondered on this throughout the week, and wrote Christmas card for ward members and previous investigators, I was able to reflect that it is the same! This time of year, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is the reason for the hope that is within me. It is why I am on a mission. What an amazing place to be- in the mission field, as the Lord's missionary- at this time right now that brings us all together to celebrate Him who the season is named after! It's such a blessing, and being able to reflect on this has truly brightened our days and we willingly serve, inviting others to come unto Christ, both by teaching and by physical action. I realize that I am celebrating more than just His birth... but I am celebrating Him in all! I am rejoicing because he was part of the plan from the very beginning, because He came to this earth, because He performed miracles, established the "one Lord, one faith, one baptism" that it talks about in Ephesians, because He was tempted and yet still remained perfect, because He suffered for our sins and afflictions, pains and sorrows, temptations and infirmities in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, because He arose on that third day completing the Atonement, and because he appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith and after centuries of being lost the Priesthood authority was once again restored to the earth! Because of Him we can be happy Now and through Eternity! We can make it back to live with our Heavenly Father And our Families forever! This is what I came on a mission to share!! So that others may know how this is possible, through our literal Savior!

Now, on a completely separate note... well... it's along the same lines, but it's on a completely separate... tone... I have an experience to share. It's an unforgettable one. However, I wish it were a good one. But it's not. (Although, of course... I did learn a lot) This week we were at the park writing Christmas cards. On the playground this family caught my eye. They were laughing and smiling and I could really tell they loved each other. It was parents, a grandmother, and two little girls. I couldn't stop thinking about them as I was writing the cards, and I knew I needed to talk to them. So when we got up to leave I made it a point to walk their way. However, when I did all that seemed to come out of my mouth was, "Hello! Enjoying the beautiful day at the park?!" Nothing after that. Well, besides a simple, "Merry Christmas!" As my feet kept walking and my mouth stopped. I felt awful, instantly. I even looked back at them and my eyes began to swell. I was very disappointed in myself and knew that Satan had bound my tongue... and I had let him. I even had several thoughts to go back. But by that point I was too embarrassed to say anything. To say anything to my companion to turn around, or to say anything to them after having already briefly spoken to them. I let my fear get the best of me and looked back one more time before getting into the car and driving away. I can honestly say that I don't think I'll ever be able to forget their faces, and I've prayed for them every night since. That night while I was praying, and multiple times while simply thinking about that family... including now... I begin to form tears in my eyes as I think of how happy the knowledge that they could be together forever would have made them... especially as I ponder my family and how badly I want to be with them forever... and my fear kept me from sharing this sacred simple truth with my brothers and sisters. This was a real turning point for me. I never want to feel that way again. So I am trying to prepare myself each day more fully to be prepared to put off the adversary and allow the Savior to enable me to do things that I would not otherwise be able to do. That's what I'll be working on this week. And as I said earlier, this is a beautiful time of year to be able to reflect on His true divinity, and in doing so I know that He can help me when I need Him most.

And that is what I am trying to convey as I strive to serve those around me this week too. I am so grateful for our Savior and His love, and this beautiful Christmas season to be able to share it with those around us more abundantly. I am grateful that our Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ to this world and that He accomplished all that the Father asked of Him. And I am grateful that because of that we can be made whole, we can be enabled, and we can be redeemed. We can be strengthened to do all that the Father asks of US! We can be saved. We CAN be happy! What a reason to rejoice (:

NOW, a few random thoughts and experiences I have had this week... and some updates too!
- I have decided that there is going to be a temple here someday. Some day SOON (:
- People here are TOO good to us!! I can't even explain all the reasons that statement is true... they just are. Take my word. And basically... I'm doing great (:
- We went caroling with a member after dinner one night... just the three of us, actually... but then we saw this guy walking his dog and Sis. S. stopped and talked to him (what a missionary!) found out she already met his wife (because she is new to the area and has been trying to get to know everyone) and so when he found out what he was doing is asked us to wait while he ran to get his wife and kids to join us!! So fun. They sang Silent Night in Spanish, we sang in English.. it was cool (: My favorite.
- I have lasted 9 months without speaking in front of the whole congregation (they all still hear from me individually and as families though, of course)... and this isn't the first time that it has been because I have been physically stopped from baring my testimony. I can't help but think that Satan doesn't want me to share my testimony of the love that the Savior has for these people I am serving with (however, like I said... hopefully they can still feel and recognize of this love every other time we missionaries- representatives of the Lord- get to be with them) BUT I get another chance (before they even knew that I wouldn't get to finish, I got asked) to speak in sacrament meeting this Sunday too! In the other ward, though. Yesterday was just a testimony, mainly... this week will actually be a talk. And guess what I was assigned to speak on? Covenants/commitment! The thing I studied so much a few months ago (: Time to whip out my notes! Feel free to send me your thoughts and insights on this topic in the mail this week (:
- I ran into a door on Sunday. Like... actually ran into it. Luckily nobody saw... besides Sis. A and my new bishop in my new ward... now I have to do anything he asks...
- We went to the Palm Desert bishop's house for dinner last night... his whole family is really awesome. They even invited a part member family to join us! (Missionary work- simple as that) Also... they have this beeeeautiful Rottweiler named Belize and she is my new best friend.
- Mom, dad, Ada, it's almost the end of the year... have you memorized Mosiah 2:41 yet? Mom issued that challenge at the beginning of the year. I've got it down! And I'm so glad I do. It's one of my favorites, and I've been able to share it often (: "And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that  these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it." However, I haven't been able to memorize The Living Christ fully yet... I want to try harder! Cause, let's face it... that thing is perfect.
- I don't remember... I think I may have told you half of this, but not all? We are now covering the Palm Desert ward along with the Park View ward. The week prior to receiving this change we had met several really awesome single sisters who live in the Palm Desert area (both members and non-members) and we were excited about that, but also sad that we wouldn't be able to get to work with them as closely as we would have liked... but then... NOW WE DO! YAY!! And one of them in particular, Val, we met her at Walmart where she works and we got to meet with her this week and it was awesome!! (God grants unto our desires!) She is already learning of the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for her as she is praying and strengthening that relationship in that way! And then... the elders had met with her at least two times already before we got to start teaching her... but she didn't have a Book of Mormon!! When we handed her one she was SO excited and we were really surprised that she didn't already have one because she wanted it BAD!! (those elders... don't they know that you need a Book of Mormon before you can read from it to know if it is true!! haha) and she said to us, "I even went to the book store and tried to find one to buy for my own but couldn't find one!" Just goes to show... people are out there and they are SEARCHING for these things!! And we're the ones to give it to them. Not just us full-time missionaries. But Every member missionary as well!! (: Anywho... she's real cool and even sent us a text the next day thanking us again and she was so happy to be at church yesterday too (:
- So basically... I have only been covering Palm Desert too now for just over a week and I already LOVE it!!

I know that this instantaneous love that I feel for these people isn't my own, but it's the Lord's love (: I simply could not do it alone. People are just too difficult! But He loves us anyways, and I can feel it. And I know that He loves YOU too!! And I hope you know I do too (:

Love, Sister Madisen Busenbark

p.s. I bet you didn't think this weeks email would be as long since we get to SKYPE on Wednesday, did you? haha. I didn't either (: Hopefully I still have things to talk about on Christmas (; and next Monday! haha Also... if you made it to the end without giving up... congratulations! You have now officially been rewarded with the "best friend of the year" award (:

I LOVE YOU ALL, brothers and sisters!! (: Merry Christmas! May we all live in the Spirit of Christ, now and always (:


Hey there everyone!!! Sister B here (:

How are you all doing this fine week? Hopefully SUPERDUPERAWESOME!!

So, we spent the better part of our p-day sitting at pep-boys while our car tire was getting fixed. We got a flat!! So, I'll try to type as fast as I can (: And send pictures too!! It's about due time. Also, this reminds me... side tangent. I have a funny story... It happened nearly 6 months ago. Which is why I now finally feel like I can share it... haha. Are you ready?...... I "technically" got in a car accident the very first day the Redlands mission was created!! What happened was... I was flipping a U-ey (a completely legal one) but the thing was... there was a median in the road and I didn't go out far enough before turning. I didn't go up and over the median, don't freak out, I just skid the botton of the car on the drivers side. It didn't even stop the movement of the car a bit. But it sure Sounded bad!! And it didn't look the Best. hah. But, on the bright side, Elder Houser (in the office over cars) is very very awesome, we were completely ok (like I said, it didn't even stop the momentum of the car) and now I will go down in the California Redlands mission history as the very first car accident! haha. I debated keeping this a secret for my whole life... but I'm glad I told you. Now we can laugh together (: You've got to laugh little things like that off, right? And then never ever do them again. haha (:

So anyways... this week was yet another good one! Guess what we found out on Monday night? President texted us and told us that we are now not only covering the Park View ward but we will be covering the Palm Desert ward as well!! Which is AWESOME!!! Here's the situation- Park View has their own set of elders, Palm Desert has their own set of elders, and they get to share us sisters! So that's going to be pretty fun. This week we spent a lot of time trying to coordinate with the elders, the ward mission leaders, and other ward members. It'll take some getting used to at first (especially the part where we are juggling two wards on Sundays) but I am really excited about it!

We had an AMAZING stake Christmas concert this weekend that we got to volunteer at, and it was a great opportunity to meet people and get non-members and less actives out to. It was so so good, even mayors and congressmen and people like that from the community come! President Van Cott brought his family too! It was so so powerful. You could definitely feel the spirit of Christ, testifying that He is our Savior and Redeemer. I just love hearing testimony through song! Especially because... remember me telling you about how awesome Sister Saleh is doing? How involved she is getting herself and things? Well she had herself a solo! She sang Oh Holy Night and sang it beautifully!! I kid you not. It brought me to tears! She does more than just "sing" it... she feels it. So we could feel it. There is no doubt that is her testimony!! And she brought four dozen cookies, without being asked,  too, simply because she had heard they were in short supply for Sunday's performance! She's just the coolest thing. She says she wants mom and dad to come visit with me after the mission so that she can meet who raised me (; hehe (: I say the same thing to her! haha.

Anywho... you should watch this Mormon message, if you haven't already. http://www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages#the-reason-behind-christmas It's super cute and so so true! Goes right along with President Monson's remarks this year too. http://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/christmas-devotional/2013/12/the-real-joy-of-christmas?lang=eng And I couldn't say it better myself (: Let's all give something that really matters this Christmas! Here's an idea Elder Ballard gave us- "We are simply asking all members to pray, knowing that if every member, young and old, will reach out to just “one” between now and Christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior." What a wonderful gift to the Savior (: And guess what? You'll be included in that millions. As you help others feel of the Savior's love, you will too!!!

I love you all, have the best week ever (:

~ Sister M. Busenbark

Happy birthday, Alli!! This girl is like a 30 year old in an 11 year old body. No joke. She's the greatest to talk to!

Patricia after the concert!


Dear Fam,

this week was by far the craziest week of the mission thus far. I am hesitant to tell you about it... because I have always tried to keep my emails positive (and that's always been pretty easy... SO many miracles happen that we can focus on instead!) and things. However, the week ended great, so I think I will. Tell you about it, that is. So that you can get the full effect.

I am reminded of the quote by President Hinckley, “Things will work out. If you keep trying and praying and working, things will work out. They always do. If you want to die at an early age, dwell on the negative. Accentuate the positive, and you’ll be around for a while." That's what happened this week- it worked out.

I took my turn being sick this week, then we got a call from one of our most sincerely repentant progressing investigators telling us that his wife doesn't want him to meet with us anymore so he has to talk to her and see what he can do but in the mean time our appointments are cancelled, then our baptism fell through unexpectedly which was the first time this has ever happened to me and so we had to figure out how to deal with that and letting everyone know it was cancelled and things (we missed a group of people, and they weren't too happy), and his less-active mother was nothing less than mad, then we found out that our recent convert was moving out of the ward... that day, and we taught someone the word of wisdom and they saw that coffee and tea were bad so they committed to live that part but couldn't commit to stop the occasional alcohol or smoke (usually it's backwards). It seemed as though everything that was bad that could happen was all happening... all at once. But we kept going, calling upon the ministering angels to help bear us up so that we could submit cheerfully(Mosiah 24:!5), and low and behold... it all ended up ok.

My voice is back so I can talk without it hurting too bad, Richard works with the bishop and bishop informed us that he is doing great- he even apologized to him for telling him jokes in the past that didn't need to be said, Brad will be meeting with the missionaries in Canada and will be able to make those necessary life changes (that he so sincerely wants) when is back since he will be in that better situation, his mother called us on Sunday morning and apologized and told us that she is still determined to come back to church even with everything that happened, and Beverly is moving into the La Quinta ward with some missionaries that I know will take care of her, and Kecia got a promotion that allows her to have Sunday's off so she has already started to come to church (she even said herself, "When I got the promotion Satan tried to get in my head right away and tell me to skip church still because I finally have a weekend off to rest, but I know this is why I got the new job!" and she showed up on Sunday!). And everyone we talked to while we were out and about is sincerely (more sincerely than I have previously come in contact with, so it seems) interested in learning more, so we have a couple potential investigators to help cheer us up! Also, we had a ward Christmas party on Saturday and guess what? Patricia was there EARLY to help set up and help with food and things! She has a solo part in the Christmas concert (it's the stake choir, but it's open for the public- lots of people come!) and she sings in meetings all the time! She is just SO involved, and WANTS to be so involved and contribute-- keeping her baptismal covenants to serve, and I absolutely love it!! (:

Anywho... just a testimony builder to me that no matter how bad we may think it is, or will continue to be... it always gets better. It always works out. We just have to endure it well (Doctrine and Covenants 121:8) and do everything within our power to change our circumstances, praying for the strength to do so (Alma 14:26,28), and everything else turning over to the hands of the Lord. I am really happy to be staying here in the Park View ward. (I'm staying! by the way (: haha. Continuing training Sister Akagi. We are getting another set of missionaries, Elders, and sharing the ward with them. By the end of this transfer I will have been here for 6 months- 1/3 of the mission. I'm happy to be here for the holiday season, I love this ward and the people in this area- in case you were worried about me this Christmas season... don't be. This is the place to be.) Things are really looking up. They always do after you're down. This is a great time of year!

Now... I want to share something that has been on my mind a lot lately... I briefly want to talk about something very real. Satan. He is real guys, he really really is. We always have to keep our guard up, no matter how strong we think we may be. He is sneaky. He is conniving. He has been at this for a long time. He is miserable.. and he is out to make us miserable too. He uses what he doesn't have against us, our bodies. He will do everything he can to get us to use our sacred gift of agency to misuse these sacred gifts where our spirits dwell. For he knows that they are a great part of the plan, and if he can get us to misuse and destroy our bodies, he knows that he can destroy the family... which is central to it all. But luckily for us, Jesus Christ is just as real, and central too. (2 Nephi 2:6-7) So we can pray always, and we can and will conquer if we do so. (Doctrine and Covenants 10:5) So please, Please, "search diligently, pray always, and be believing" (Doctrine and Covenants 90:24)... and "ALL" things will work together for your good. (Rise and pray every day, ask for that help before you even think you need it- Luke 22:46, Doctrine and Covenants 61:39) The adversary has no power over us when we rely solely on the Savior. (Helaman 5:12) Call upon the powers of heaven, and His ministering angels, to bear you up. Always keep up that guard (Matthew 26:41, 3 Nephi 18:18) the Lord will not tempt you more than you can handle, without providing a way to escape (1 Corinthians 10:13)... if you ever wonder what that way is... I'm telling you now that if nothing else, it's prayer. It's prayer, it's the Atonement, it's grace.

"Grace is an enabling power that allows men and women to lay hold on eternal life and exaltation after they have expended their own best efforts." Bible Dictionary. "The enabling power from God that allows men and women to obtain blessings in this life and to gain eternal life and exaltation after they have exercised faith, repented, and given their best effort to keep the commandments. Such divine help or strength is given through the mercy and love of God." The Guide to the Scriptures. Grace is how we are saved. (2 Nephi 25:23) It's because of God's grace that this is all possible, that's how I know it's possible- because of grace. So... let's do all we can do, and enlisting our Savior's help to be able to do more than we can do (: That's what He's there for. "The enabling power of the Atonement strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity." Elder David A. Bednar

K, end of rant.

Thanks for listening (:

I sure love you guys.
I pray every day that you'll be strong, stay happy, endure well, and submit cheerfully in these paradise times. Be strong, stay strong. Call upon the Lord every day. He is only as far away as your knees.
"Dare to be a Mormon; Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose firm; Dare to
make it known." - President Thomas S. Monson

My excitement has been renewed this week, even/especially after such a hard week, to be the Lord's missionary.

Love always,
Sister Mad B.


Dear fellow brothers and sisters,
things are going well here in the desert. It's truly blossoming! Thanksgiving week was a bit different than usual, most of the people who agreed to let us come over were the awesome active members- but we took advantage of that and taught lessons everywhere we went! (I was sure taken care of, you can be sure of that (: On thanksgiving day we had several thanksgiving meals and sent home with tons of pie! haha) The Bullock's kept their appointment on Thanksgiving day, which was was real nice and went really well. We taught them the word of wisdom and the law of chastity, which they both committed to live both without hesitation. Bro. Bullock admitted that the word of wisdom would take some effort because he likes his coffee so much, but he said that he wanted to stop and would pray for help to take away the desire to drink it (he says he is not addicted- his body reacts fine when he doesn't have it, he simply likes the way it tastes) which was really neat to hear him say, and inspirational too. He has the desire and is still progressing quite well, never hesitating to make and keep commitments. I've been praying and fasting more intently than I think ever before... for their family, specifically. This is a family that I have been blessed to love. Almost too MUCH love. Haha. I need to know what way to go. This is salvation on the line! haha. The bishop wants the marriage teacher to go over their with us and teach her about marriage. Which I think would be good. But what I feel would be even better... is to re-teach the restoration. Boldly, simply, clearly, and powerfully. I mentioned to Sister Van Cott coming to a lesson with us... this is the lesson I was referring to. I'm trying really hard not to let myself get nervous or scared, so that I can allow the Spirit to do it's job, but I'm really worried about this one. I need the Spirit BAD here. I need to know what it is that THEY need. This is what I've been searching for. I am striving for the trust of the Lord each and every day... the fact that He has entrusted me with the Bullock's, two very special individuals, is incredibly humbling... and I am striving even more to be worthy of that trust at this time. I know how eternally important it is. Anywho... all in all, things are going well. Sister Akagi has been sick but is starting to feel better. I think the week of working with active members relieved some of the stress and so her immune system is working fast. I am starting the same sickness now I believe, but pain is nothing new. Besides, we both received Priesthood blessings from Brother Jackson... the comfort, peace, and healing that came from these two blessings were incredible (: Want to know something super neat? The Priesthood- power and authority of God- IS on the earth today. ANd it is designed to bless the lives of everyone on the earth. I know that it has blessed mine. And I know that it is real. Did my headache instantly go away... no. But did it need to? No. But were my burdens, including the headache LIGHTENED? They surely were. Were things spoken to me that I can't deny were answers to my prayers, that he would never know was on my mind? Yes. And did he say something that has been repeated in nearly every blessing I have received since being on a mission? Yes. And was Sister Akagi's perfect for her? You bet'cha. I don't know what I'd do without the priesthood on the earth, and I don't know what I'd do without the gift of the Holy Ghost. These are two more re-assurances that we are LOVED by a Heavenly Father, and He DOES know us perfectly. This week should be really good, as everybody scheduled for this week instead of last, and we're preparing for Brad's baptism this Saturday. This time of year truly is incredible, and this time... in general, is an incredible time to be the Lord's missionary.
I sure love you guys, and I'm sure grateful to be able to share the Lord's love for His children too,
Sister Busenbark

P.S. Let me thank you again... Your prayers, your support, your sacrifices... they don't go un-noticed.
I appreciate it more than you'll ever know, and I feel/see it more than I can ever explain.