Hello there!!
Sorry I was so irresponsible with my time on the computer today. I will write you a SUPER good letter this week (: I promise. K? The time went by super fast today and now, before I even knew it, I am having to leave to go to a lesson with Nina and then Beverly! Two lovely ladies entering the waters of baptism this weekend (: It'll be a BEAUTIFUL day. I'll be celebrating Berkley's birthday too (: (I got her pics in the mail today.. so precious!) This week was really really good though!! My prediction was right and Zone Conference was perfect. We had a lot of lessons with Nina and Beverly to help prepare them for the big day, and had a couple referrals from the ward (the ward is AWESOME, by the way) who were actually excited to see us! So that was nice (: AND a nice gentleman named Joseph showed up to church all by himself on Sunday and wants to learn more!! We're being blessed, that's for sure (: So basically... it's going to be a good week!! Can't wait to tell you all about it next week (:
Be sure and give this talk a read! It goes along with what I was saying about y'all last week (:
The church is so true (:
~Sis Mads B.


Time is one of our most precious gifts. Especially out here. And it is FLYING BY!! I can hardly believe it. Where did it go? I bet I could figure it out... but it might take too much of my time (; haha (:

This week was great. Great, great, great. We're slowly but surely getting to know more and more people and getting more familiar with the area too. Things are going good! We even started teaching a new lady named Patricia! She is a gem. She has been going to church since Feb, she even stays for all three meetings, and she hasn't missed a day since the first day she went! What a better place to meet someone? She already has so many friends in the ward who are there to help answer questions and be there for her, up until this point... and even now, when we missionaries are not. It's the best. She has been "seasoned" so to speak, and has such a grasp for the gospel and all the amazing principles it contains! We are going to her house tomorrow night for dinner (: She's sweet. We met with her for the first time last week and set expectations and talked about the gospel and her background and things. Tomorrow after dinner will be our first official lesson. I'm pretty excited about it!

Another great person we are teaching... Beverly is her name. She turns 75 on the 31st, and she is excited to be baptized on that day and start the last 1/3 of her decade following Jesus Christ! (that's how she talks about it as;) She was tracted into by the elders before us, and she started coming to church right away. Even though she is loosing her sight. And the answers she gives in class, and in lessons makes you think, "How did you know that?" haha She's great. She actually was the one to tell the elders that she wanted to be baptized, before they even asked her! So she's excited about it. And we're excited to help her prepare for that date, coming rather quickly!! We started over with teaching her, and now we're all caught up and continuing on. We get to meet her a couple times a week and it's a sure pleasure. She even teaches me half the time! haha

And the other lovely lady who I briefly mentioned last week is named Nina. Her story is really cool. She is from a country where she knew very little about Christ, but she knew that she believed in Christ and wanted to learn more and follow Him. Well, then she came to California to study theater and guess what is across the street from her college? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So one day she decided to knock on the door, because that's the church she was looking for... "The Church of Jesus Christ"... and she knocked for 20 minutes! That's how dedicated she was. Before someone answered the door. We are now teaching her and it's SUCH a joy to be able to see how even just the knowledge of a Savior brightens up the place (: Can you think of anything much happier news than that?

We are blessed with a couple more investigators too. Dave and Rena. They are so eager to learn and understand! This last time we went over I showed them a bunch of cool study tools on LDS.org that will help them learn and understand and it was the neatest thing to see them light up when they were learning about all the help that is out there for them to be able to continue their learning! They love having missionaries over, and we love coming over too!

And this week, well I have a good feeling about it (; haha (: Just wait until next week for me to follow up! It should be a happy week, for sure. We received a few referrals who I am feeling really awesome  about! The blessings don't seem to stop! I have been blessed with one prepared person after another (: THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST!! (Doctrine and Covenants 4) And that's the truth (:

Tomorrow is Zone Conference and I am really excited for it. It's always a great time for inspiration and revelation and... President and his wife are just delightful people who make it easy to be taught by the Spirit! haha. I'm definitely excited to see what we talk about. I'm going into it with a lot of prayers that I'm seeking for answers to (: It'll be great. Gets me WAY excited for General Conference coming up! Anybody else already excited? Cause you should be. haha.

This week I have been thinking a lot about angels... angels on earth and in Heaven. (Doctrine and Covenants 84:88) We are so blessed to have angels all around us. At least, I know I have been blessed with such (: I feel the love of my Savior through those around me on a very regular basis, and I feel it through all of you. I feel it as I reflect all the great influences and examples I have been blessed with in my life. Before the mission, as well as out here. And I consider the blessings that have been bestowed upon me... through them... well, let's just say their endless. And it's a constant reminder to me that I'm not alone, and that I'm loved. Same goes for all of you (: Thank you for being my angels, and thank you for your support and prayers and letters and love! Love is the best, and service brings love... and it's also serving our God! (John 3:16-17; Mosiah 2:17) So let's serve someone today (: You'll love the feeling it brings, I promise.

The church is still true family and friends, of that I know for a surety.

So smile and share the light with those around you!

Love always, Sister Madisen Busenbark (:


HI!! (: How is everyone?? Hopefully doing good!! I don't have a lot of time today... suuuper sorry. (the new library I go to only allows us on the computer for 1 hour now... and I'm already almost out of time. I'll try to get use to it and manage my time better next week!!) But anyways... I am doing so good! My new ward is awesome! Everyone I have met thus far is super great! I'm excited to see how this transfer goes. So, I'm in the Palm Desert zone in the Park View ward. This is their first time having their own set of missionaries, I believe, and they haven't had sisters in a while. So they're excited! My new companion's name is Sister Lee. She is from Orem Utah and is fresh out of high school! So that's fun. It's about... I don't know... triple digest here. Super hot! I've had a constant head ache since I got here, but I'm still alive and smiling! President Van Cott told me that he distinctly felt that this ward needed sisters. And he instantly thought of me. And I believe he's a man of God! So I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and I'm excited to see what great things will come of this! When we first got here.. we had no area book or ward directory or list of people they've been working with or anything.. so I was a little lost. BUT, luckily one of the elders who used to cover this ward is in the next ward over so they came over to show us the ranks and now I'm feeling really good about things! I'll have to tell you about the people I am already working with when I have more time (: They are awesome! So anyways... transfer day was pretty crazy but then of course that means that happiness follows! It was ABSOLUTELY hard to say goodbye to everyone! Especially since the Bloomington ward had a relief society activity the night before we left and they all said bye to us there... and said all these kind words and things... kind words make it much harder. haha. but it was nice! AND I got to see them again on Saturday (: (a good handful, at least!) because Sister Stone is AMAZING and drove all the way to Palm Desert to pick me up for Brenda's baptism!! It was the most beautiful thing (: I know I say that about every baptism.. but it's true! Bryant, baptized last week, received the Priesthood and was able to perform the ordinance of baptism for Brenda! It was very special. I am so glad I was able to be a part of it, and I am so glad I was able to go back to see the last baptism!! It was hard to leave all of these people I have come to love.. but I know I will see them again, and our relationship will continue to bless my life!! AND I'll just get to meet more amazing people... as I already have, even in just the few short days I've been here!! Anyways... I only have a minute left... literally!! I love you!! And I hope you're doing as good as I am (; Preach the gospel at all times... if necessary, use words!!
I'll write more next week, and I'll send you a written letter mom!
And the church is still true (:
~ Sister Busenbark


Dear Family,

Before I get into the letter, I have an update... I'M BEING TRANSFERRED!! I leave Wednesday morning. (So any mail should be sent to 7000 Central, Highland 92346... I'm really far behind on replies, but I WILL reply. I promise. I appreciate the love and support:) I will be with a new Sister, who I will meet on Wednesday, and my current companion, Sister Davis, will be finishing being trained by another Sister in Yucca. The ward we are in now will be split into 3 areas vs just 2. And all 6 missionaries will be Elders. I will be training my new Sister, starting over the 12 week training program from day 1. I'm really excited... I wasn't expecting this at all, but I'm really excited to see what the Lord has in store for me!


This past week was fantastic. Bryant's baptism was beautiful, as was his confirmation, as well as his joy in receiving the priesthood. (He will get to baptize Brenda on the 10th!) What a great way to end my time in Bloomington. (Brother Emerson conducted the service and his humility really added to it. He was so sweet and humble and you could just tell that he took the assignment seriously, which was perfect. There are so many great people who always add such a sweet Spirit to these baptismal services who are so willing to help out, support, and be a part of such a special day.) Brenda's baptism is this weekend, and I imagine it will be just a beautiful because she is just a prepared. I cannot wait to hear of what great things they will offer in this ward. We were definitely blessed with these ones. On Saturday, the evening of Bryant's baptism, we went to the temple with a group of active members, less active members, new members, and future members. It was a great spirit that was there as we all bonded together. And much to my amazement, Bryant and Brenda went off on their own after our little lesson, and when we found them... they were sitting on a bench studying the Book of Mormon together! What a great example to us all.

(After the temple walk trip we headed back to Sister Roman's place and we had a little girls night! We had dinner, ate deliiiicious treats, and watched about a billion mormon messages!! My favorites were all the one's about the temple, as we had just returned from my favorite place (: We could feel the Spirit so strongly, even just from being on the temple grounds. The next time we all (all the same people) go back, we plan on going in (: haha. There is no doubt in my mind... they will all make it!! They're all so amazing, they've got the eternal perspective in mind. And it's already blessing their lives so much!)

There were some people in this area that weren't as easy slash enjoyable to work with... at first. But now.. by the end... I couldn't be more grateful for them. I have been able to see complete transformations, both in my love and in their character. It's a true blessing to get to see the Atonement in action. The opposition truly made the good times that much more enjoyable. There's one lady in particular... She was hard to teach, and she wasn't progressing. But I knew that God wanted her back, and I wanted her back. I just had to remind myself that God never gives up on me, so I better not give up on His children either. And, of course, I prayed to love her. I knew I loved her as a child of God, but I wanted to love her as my sister... and it worked. By the end of last transfer I didn't want to say goodbye. And I am so glad that I didn't have to. Because I have since been able to see all those rough times in her house pay off. She is coming to church, fullfilling her calling, feeding the missionaries, giving us referrals, making the changes in her life to become worthy to enter the temple, and so on and so forth. I hate to say goodbye now, but... change is a good thing. I am just so grateful for the time that I have had. And I look forward to the day when I get to return and see how they're all doing. My first area, Bloomington, and the people here (there are so many... I wish I could write you about each and every one of them, and what they mean to me. Just know there are good people everywhere... and they're looking out for me out here... "angels round about"(D&C 84:88)... physically and spiritually) will always have a special place in my heart.

I'm really excited to be going to Palm Desert, but I will say that I'm having to put forth actual effort as to not allow the fear to enter in... gotta hold on to the faith... I'm willing, don't get me wrong, the natural man side of me just gets nervous in the heat (it's, on average, a good 10-15 degrees HOTTER there than it is where I am right now)! I know that President Van Cott has been called of God and I am confident that He knows better than I where I belong, and what I can handle. He will provide a way, I know that for sure. (1 Nephi 3:7)

I am really excited to expand the variety of people I have been blessed to work with, as I will not forget about those here in Bloomington, but rather just add more people to my pool of eternal friends. I've learned a lot in this ward, and I've learned a lot from my companion and ward mates and I'm really excited to implement those things in this next transfer there in Park View. And like both mission President's I have had have pointed out... transfer's are a chance to change myself, and start doing those things that I've wished I had done all along. Change is GOOD. It's an opportunity to grow. Luckily for me, they don't know me... so I can start fresh and try a little harder to be a little better, and through the strength of the Lord become the missionary I want to be. With the Lord's help, nothing is impossible (:

I love you all very much, and I'm excited to tell you all about my next area, ward, and people I will meet!! My plan is to find those who I promised I would (: Those who know the real me.. knows that I get attached easily. And fast. Which is both good and bad... bad because goodbye's stink... but good because I'm sure I'll get the hang of the new area fast enough! I would appreciate your prayers.. on behalf of myself and the heat I will be entering come Wednesday, the converts I was blessed to work with and am now leaving, the Park View vineyard of the Lord's where I will be entering, as well as your OWN area... that you may be able to recognize those missionary opportunities that are around you (:

I pray for you as often as time permits, and I appreciate your continual love and support as well.
I LOVE YOU!! Have a great week.
And I hope you know what I'm going to say next...

Sister Madisen Busenbark