So, brothers and sisters, how in the world are ya?? I sure do hope you're doing well (: I am always at a loss of words when I sit down to tell you about my week... it's just so hard to pick what to share!! haha
I suppose I'll start here... Adriana's baptism was BEAUTIFUL!! We had a lot of support again, even a bunch of investigators and less actives came! Afterwards, we went to this really delicious Thai place together for lunch to celebrate! Adriana and the Cativo family (the husband is back from Mexico now, yay!! He's come to church the past couple weeks and the baptism and lunch and he's going to start taking the lessons from the spanish elders!! THAT FAMILY'S GOING TO BE A FOREVER FAMILY FOR SURE!! AND Adriana told her brother about the gospel and he wanted missionaries over too! So cool.) Then they went to the singles dance at our church building.. so that's pretty cool. Embracing themselves in the gospel... AND gospel activities!! Saweet! (: And then her confirmation... Bro. Miller (the 1st counselor in the ward) did the confirmation again. And it was BEAUTIFUL again. He is so incredibly in tune with the Spirit. It's inspiring. As most of you know, after the gift of the Holy Ghost is confired upon the person, and they are confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they pronounce a blessing upon them, as the Spirit directs. And once again, it was confirmed to me that our Father in Heaven is very mindful of us and knows us perfectly. Some things were said to her that I know were perfect and very specific to her because I have worked with her so much the past month... but Bro Miller never knew. But he said. Confirmation to me that it was directed by the Spirit (: And so very incredible. The Spirit was so strong! I am so incredibly happy for her. She's already got her eye set on the temple, and I'm already planning on being their with her (:
On Saturday before the baptism, we had a lesson with Bryant and Brenda, the young engaged couple that is preparing to be baptized this weekend. And the COOLEST thing happened! So, you must know, these two are SO awesome and SO prepared. But up until this day, Bryant hadn't fully accepted that he knew it was true.. buuut, know he does! He accepts it and he accepts it fully! He shared with us at the beggining of the week that he had a dream, a dream that he took to mean that he was supposed to keep studying! And he was told to "believe"! Well, the next time we talked to him (at the lesson on Sat) he told us, "Guys, I already told Brenda, but I wanted to officially tell you two. I for Sure WANT to be baptized on Sat." Then he proceeded to tell us that he knows for himself that it is true! And that he knows for himself that he is doing this for himself, and not for his fiance! And that he WANTS THE PRIESTHOOD ASAP SO THAT HE CAN BE THE ONE TO BAPTIZE BRENDA! It was a happy news kind of day, for sure (: One of the HAPPIEST things is when someone looks you in the eyes and tells you that they recognize their confirmation from the Holy Ghost that this message is true! (:
My time on the computers have come to an end speedily once again.. I took some time and helped the guy next to me set up his email account. And now I have a few short minutes left, but I am doing SO good and so are the people I have been spending my precious time with!! I am seeing the blessings of obedience every day, in my own life as well as the lives of those I see.
One person in particular has started to make changes in her life that are allowing her to feel of the Spirit more promptly and I'm telling you... I can see it!! Before she even told me that she has made the changes, right when I saw her I thought, "Wow, she sure looks good! And happy! And bright! And filled with light!" And then at the end of our lesson she told me and I was just like... THAT EXPLAINS IT!! Haha It was awesome. I LOVE seeing the gospel change people's lives, and bless it tramendously! It brightens my day and reminds me that this is His work. And when you're on His side, He'll be on yours... and you'll never go wrong. I know that this church is true. I may not have experienced a whole lot of anything other than the gospel in my life.. but I don't need to. I see it. I see it everywhere. And I know that anything other than this.. well it's misery. I am SO grateful to have the gospel in my life, and to have been raised by such great parents. I am grateful to know I can be with my family forever. And I am grateful I know exactly what I need to do to do so. AND I'm grateful that I have the chance to share this to my fellow brothers and sisters here in California so that  they don't have to be miserable much longer. Mosiah 2:41, right? (: I love you all so very much and I feel closer to you each day! Helping others come unto Christ, and learn of the truth (which sets them free;) is one of the easiest found joys that can come! Continue to share the gospel, you'll know what I'm talking about (:

Have the best week ever, and know that the church is still true, and our Heavenly Father is mindful of you! Yes, YOU!!
xoxo - Sister M. Busenbark

Sister Davis, myself, and ADRIANA the day she chose to follow Jesus Christ and enter the gate to eternal life (:

Family!! (: This past week ROCKED!! I wish I was a better writter, so that I could adequately share the weeks events! But, this will have to do...
So on Saturday TU GOT BAPTISED!! :D It was seriously the most beautiful baptismal service I have ever been to! It was at 8am... no better way to start the day! Then, afterwards, we headed over to the Stake Pioneer Day celebration! THEN we went over to Sister Stone's house and she made us her famous chicken fried steaks.. yuuuum! Then we went to ANOTHER baptism in the ward, on the other sister's side! Denise is her name (: And we ended the day with studying from the Book of Mormon with Tu! It was SUCH a great day! It was the day that marked my 4 month mark... crazy cool! What better way (: At Sister Browne's baptism, we had so much support from the ward and everything went so smoothly! I was expecting to be way stressed and everything that morning but actually... complete opposite (: It's wonderful how the Spirit will do that for you! (:
We went over to Sister Roman's (she feeds us pretty much weekly) and taught her daughter Sydney again (7 year old, preparing to be baptised when she turns 8) and afterwards we watched a bunch of mormon messages! This one was amazing... "The Temple- Always in Our Sights" The temple is my FAVORITE!! Everyone has all their goals of how many baptisms they want out here on their mission... my goal is how many people I want to see go through the temple (: 
I learned a little bit of Spanish!! Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador (:
(oh no.. I just found out the library is closing early today and I only have 7 min left.. sorry I have cut you short this week!)
Last night I had the coolest experience (: I was looking high and low for a letter that Justin sent me last month... with a bunch of pictures that he had sent. I couldn't find them ANYWHERE and I was out of places to look! So then.. I said a prayer. Right then and there. As I was kneeling there in my closet (where I was looking) in the middle of my prayer I had the thought come to mind, "Check your suitcase" And I thought, "I already checked inside my suitcase!" but then I thought, "look inside your books inside your suitcase." Well, I closed my prayer and opened my suitcase. There were two books in there. In the second book.. sure enough... there they were! I was in awe! It was SO cool! It's not like Heavenly Father placed them there or anything... but I know that it was that prayer, asking Him, that the Holy Ghost then came to bring to my rememberance something that He knew was important to me (: It was perfect! And also... while I was looking for the pics I found Adaley's old CTR ring that she lost a long time ago in my backpack! I thought it'd be cute to wear so I put it on... now I can't take it off ;P hahahah (: Oh well! Not a bad thing to not be able to take off (: Anyways... those things were super cool!!
We also have been working a lot this week with Adriana and Brenda and Bryant and they are all doing GREAT!! I wish I had more time to tell you about them (: But I'm almost out of time... 30 seconds... I'll write more next week! Know that I love you and that the CHURCH IS STILL TRUE!!! True and everlasting (:
~ Sister Busenbark



I'm doing really well and this week was full of noticeable miracles. This week I memorized Mosiah 2:41. (One of my personal favorites (: mom challenged us as a family to do it this year. I share it a lot.. so I know where it is and what it says.. but I figured now is the time I actually keep my commitment and actually MEMORIZE it word for word! And that has been SUCH a blessing! Blessings come when you commit to memory the words of the Lord. Such a strength!)  I'm much happier even just 'considering the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God.' I met our mission president and his family last week! President Van Cott is SO amazing, and so is his dear family! Seriously, within moments of meeting him I just felt such love for them. And from them! Their service is a nice reminder to me that our Savior loves me!

He gave us a great training on the importance of the Book of Mormon. He shared with us the famous talk by President Benson. Go read it!
It's amazing. He quotes President Marion G. Romney in his promise to thse who read and study the Book of Mormon ... 
“I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from the Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. The spirit of reverence will increase; mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. The spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity—the pure love of Christ—will abound in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness” (Ensign, May 1980, p. 67).

Isn't that amazing? The Book of Mormon is SO true, wich means that this church is So true! Which means we have a living prophet to lead and guide us and show us the way, priesthood power to seal our families together for all eternity, and a Savior of the world who broke the bands of physical and spiritual death of which this sacred book bears testimony! It's the BEST! I invite you all to... Moroni 10:3-5 (:
(and also watch this!

Sister Davis and I are still seeing so many miracles. One of our investigator's, Tu, has been preparing for baptism this weekend! And she is WONDERFUL! She has been a pleasure to work with. I love how excited about the gospel she is. On Saturday we taught her the law of tithing. By the end.. she asked when she could start paying it! And on Sunday she said to me, "Sister Busenbark, you're going to show me where the tithing slips are before we leave today, right?" She definitely see's that it is a blessing to be able to pay tithing and help build up the kingdom of God and she is very happy to do so! Her baptism is this Saturday, at 8am. Then, Adriana, another one of our blessed investigators, is on track to be baptized the following weekend. The last time we met with her, she told us that she believes that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God because when she hears him speak she feels such love, peace, and comfort! And then, we were blessed with two more people to teach this week, Brenda and Bryant (the sweetest engaged couple you've ever seen), and they were so excited to set their baptismal date for the weekend following that! And they even already started telling people how excited they are! It was our first lesson with them, and Brenda already shared with us her feelings of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon (very VERY good feelings!) and they are both very thrilled to finally learn more! They know this is where they belong, and they want to raise their future family in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we received member help with them all too! Which reminds me... one of the less active members we see on a weekly basis has been doing SO awesome! I LOVE seeing members come back to church (: And she has a non-member son, who before was just... friendly. Well now... he sits in with us! Soo cool. So, as you can see, it was a very nice week here in Bloomington. Nothing else is even worth focusing on (: This week should be just as amazing! I expect nothing less, doing the Lord's work. Sharing the gospel, and being a part of bringing others unto repentance and baptism (the gateway to heaven) brings such joy!

This gospel is so true!
And I love you!! (:

- Sister Madisen Busenbark

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel." (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith [1976], 113)
"Let the Saints remember that great things depend on their individual exertion, and that they are called to be co-workers with us and the Holy Spirit in accomplishing the great work of the last days." (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 178-79)


Hi family (:
So.. I won't lie.. I have a rather bad head ache right now and am having a very hard time concentrating/thinking of what happened this past week to write about.. but I will try my best!
So I'll start with today.. it is P-day, and we went on a hike this afternoon! It was very fun! A hike in California, and guess what... I didn't pass out or anything! That's the first hike I've been on in a long time where I've made it without any complications! What a blessing! It was very enjoyable (: Although.. that Is probably why I am having to suffer the consequences now. But hey.. On the hike, I was golden! Thankfully! Because it was a Beautiful hike (: (I did, however, lay down in the shade by the waterfall when almost everyone else was playing in the sun! haha)
On Saturday we had a lesson with Adriana (I am pretty sure I have told you about her? She is living with members and she is SO awesome. We set her baptismal date during our first lesson with her for July 27th!) and it was great (: Sister Maritza Roman came, which was perfect! The Cativo's, Adriana, and Sis. Roman have become rather good friends out here! They're so great (: I love sharing such spiritual experiences/truths with them.. it really does bring people together, the gospel! During this lesson we watched a Mormon message titled lifting burdens: the atonement of Jesus Christ. It's one of my favorite compilations (: Go check it out! You won't regret it. In fact, it'll leave you saying, "That's it?! It's over already?!!" Just like sister Cativo said (:  haha (Shout out to Ada, who I think about almost every time I go over to their house!! Because she talks about her little brother, who happens to be her best friend!)
Friday we went to Sister White's son's girlfriends house.. her name is Amber.. to help her pack up for her move! It was a really great experience. I think us missionaries are growing on her (; haha (: I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Service is one of my favorite ways to do missionary work! I LOVE how much love it brings, and opens doors for everyone to be able to feel of the Savior's love for them  through one another (: We also listened to church music while we were there and packing up, which was also a great thing! Music is such a great way to invite the spirit (:
On the 4th of July.. we were actually home by 7, not 6! But it was pretty much just an average day.. we just did weekly planning that night which takes a couple hours. Then fell asleep listening to helicopters, fireworks, and fire truck sirens (; haha (: I will get to celebrate pioneer day this year, even though I'm not in Utah!! The stake is putting something on. It should be fun!
Wednesday morning we went over to the De Siqueira's like we do every Wednesday morning! haha, and we left Alex (the daughter) and assignment to learn about missionary work! And so she did, and prepared a game for us to play to teach us what she learned! She's the sweetest thing. There was this one block of the board game that said "bear your testimony in sacrament meeting" and Sister Davis landed on it, so she said ok but only if you're there to hear it! And she was! And they went up together! It was great (: She is just the cutest most excited thing ever.. about the gospel! She's going to make an amazing full-time missionary some day! I love seeing people get so excited about the gospel and about missionary work! It really does make people SO happy!! There's a reason we want to share it with EVERYONE!! haha (:
Unfortunately those are really the only things I can think of at the moment.. but it was overall a good week here in Bloomington, as always! And I'm excited for this week (: I finally get to meet our new mission president on Wednesday! That'll be cool. He is making Lots of changes! Including NO tracting allowed!! Unless prompted to knock a certain door, that is, of course. It'll be interesting to see all the other changes that will be made! I think we find out more on Wednesday. But it'll be sweet!
Oh, by the way! Mom, it happened again (us being in sync with each other!) I got your letter on the 5th, the one telling me to look up the word "grace" in the Bible Dictionary.. and guess what? I have been studying grace and had shared that very thing with several people the past several days leading up to the day I got your letter! How awesome (: Now, I encourage everyone else to look it up.. it's amazing. One of my favorite words, actually. Grace (: The enabling power of the Atonement is just so... enabling (: hehe And PERFECT!! I have a very strong love for our Savior, and testimony that He lives. He lives to strengthen us (: What a blessing it is to be able to access that each and every day. I am overwhelmed with our Heavenly Father's love for His children often, and I hope you can all recognize that love in your life. Because trust me.. it's there (:
Well my beloved family, I must be off! Thanks for the (e)mail this week! It helps a lot (:
I am so blessed!
And I love you (:
The church is still true!!
~ Sister M. Busenbark (:
p.s. this week I had two random thoughts that put a smile on my face..
arrow head hunting with dad back in the day! One of the first things I wanna do when I get back (:
and each morning I eat frosted mini wheat’s with almond milk I think of grandpa!
haha. And, of course, I think of the rest of y'all often too (:
But those two thoughts I just had to share..
Pray on!! (3 Nephi 19:26)


Hi Fam (:
(This will be in response to mom's letter, but it's all relevant for all!)

I am in the California Redlands Mission, effective today! It really is exciting news, thank you for the congrats (: I am definitely happy to be staying in the area (staying in Bloomingon!) for a while longer. You're right, I have the honor of working with some great people here.

I am training! WHAT? Yup.. I am just as shocked as everyone else. Just finished my first 12 weeks and now I'm the one doing the training. Which means, odds are that I'll be in Bloomington for another 12 weeks while I train! Which will be cool. 1/3 of the mission in the same area! What a blessing that will be. I can already tell.. this place is always going to hold a special place in my heart. It's been quite the experience to be able to be a trainer! My new companion's name is Sister Davis (yes, another Sister Davis!) and she is from Hennifer (spell?) Utah. She is 21 and went to school at Utah State. We do have a lot in common. She's quite the athlete and loves animals. She has these questions on this sheet that we answer every day.. that's been fun to help us get to know each other. She's an outstanding missionary already!  I'm very impressed. In fact, she's practically training ME! haha I've definitely been blessed there too. Makes my job a lot less taxing (: And yes, now that I'm the senior companion that does mean that I drive. Sometimes I surprise myself with how well I know the area, and other times it surprises me how much I get lost! haha. It's a fun adventure, that's for sure. I HOPE I'm going to be a great trainer.. luckily I know that the Lord can enable me to be an effective trainer. I  just hope and pray that I can improve myself every day so that I can know how to best serve those we are working with, as well as in training. It's a huge responsibility! The way she is trained.. well that's the missionary she will be. And then train other missionaries. And the effect will be long after I leave. We have things to follow each day though, the 12 week program. Sister Hudrlick told me as we were hugging each other goodbye last week (she's in the other mission now. great, bubbly, happy senior missionary) to follow the training exactly and I won't go astray. I know that for a fact. Sometimes it proves hard to manage time to be able to follow it.. but I know I need to. It is very important. And I am so grateful that it is all layed out for me already! They definitely don't send you in blindly to anything out here, that's for sure (: Anyways.. my first week of training was GREAT! Seriously, like I said.. she's practically the one training me.

It has been SO hott here. Like... I can't even explain it. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before! haha. This week has been the hottest of them all.. let the summer begin! It motivates me to find people QUICK so that I can get out of the hott sun and in to appointments inside nice air conditioned houses! Although.. many people don't have that either. So I'm drinking my weight in water still (: haha. I'm doing good though.. had a few rough days, but nothing that has taken away my mental focus! Sometimes it takes a conscious effort of paying attention and staying focused on the people and lesson and promptings of the Holy Ghost, and not dwelling on how I'm feeling.. but it's getting easier! In fact, I haven't had to try very hard this week, even though it was the worst of them all (: The Atonement really can enable us to serve beyond our own natural capasity!

I still am studying the Book of Mormon stories (: They're so cool! The Book of Mormon reader that you sent me has more of the stories than the Book of Mormon reader that Sis. Davis (trainer) had! I'm excited! The Book of Mormon really is the evidence that this is the true and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ (: And such power comes from the stories as we apply them to our lives, in helping us better follow Christ, which is testifies of and brings us closer to!

My new mission President's name is President Van Cott! I haven't met him yet, but I already hear great things about him! He is from Utah, and has a young beautiful family! I'm really excited to get to serve with them (: Although.. I Do miss Pres and Sis Godwin already. They are amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed serving with them the past couple months. Feel like I've known them a lot longer than that! But I know that Pres Van Cott has been called of God too and I know that the service between one another will bring that instant love here too! In fact, already has (: We didn't have a going away party or anything, but we all took pictures of us and wrote our testimonies on the back and made it into a little book for them. We also gave them ties (sister Godwin is making a quilt with ties from the mission)and flowers and things and we all got to say our goodbyes on Tuesday at transfer meeting! Which practically Was a party, by the way! It was the first and only time Everyone from the mission was all in the same place at the same time! So as the mission split, we all got to takes pics, sign journals, and say our goodbyes! It was a fun little reunion, and there will be many more reunions as we all return home too! It's cool the amazing relationships that you gain out here so fast. Such a blessing to have met so many awesome people out here! (by the way.. Sister Davis (trainer) is in the other mission.. bummer. (missions will not see each other until after we all return home) but that's ok! because I know we are both where we need to be. as well as all the other people I got seperated from. she's in upland!) Oh and we have the temple in our mission now!! (it was out of our mission before) and even just having it near is a blessing (: BLESSINGS! All around (: haha
Oooh fun!! I hope ya'll had a good time at the family reunion and gave everyone hugs and kisses from me (: I love you all so much!! (bahaha, dad... "there's not stop signs on the freeway!" good times, for sure (: ) Sounds like some FUN plans for the 4th of July!! Be sure to take lots of pictures and tell me all about it (: (we actually have to be home by 6pm on the 4th.. but I'm sure we'll still have fun! the member's house we ate at last night lit off some fireworks for us so that we could see some since we have to be inside on the 4th! so that was fun (: haha) So glad to hear everything is going well with everyone and you're having fun!!

This week we had some AMAZING lessons! Yesterday we watched the joseph smith: the prophet of the restoration dvd with an investigator at a members home and the spirit was SO strong! Afterwards we talked about prayer, the Book of Mormon, and the Holy Ghost! Uhhh!! I am SO grateful for this gospel! I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore His church on the earth for the last time, and I know that through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance.. it has been manifest to me through the Holy Ghost! I am so grateful that Moroni made that promise (Moroni 10:3-5) that we have the power to draw down the powers of heaven to be able to ask God if it is true! I am SO grateful that all of Joseph Smith's (and his family, and the other pioneers) efforts were not in vain! And I am SO grateful for latter day revelation to lead and guide us in these days! And to have that Priesthood (authority from God) power on the earth today to be able to seal families together forever, and heal the sick, and comfort the afflicted! And I am SO grateful that I have the opportunity to share  it's glad message every day!! Christ lives! I know that without a doubt! The Book of Mormon strengthens that knowledge of mine each and every day as I read and pray.

May you all feel and recognize of His love in your lives,
I do pray, and I say,
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you SOO much!! And pray for you every day (:
Shine bright, the world needs your light!!
(Matt. 5:14-16)

Love always,
Sister Madisen Busenbark

p.s. the new mission office address is
7000 Central, Highland CA, 92346
(please update all my things! (facebook/blog) so that everyone knows to send mail to the new address instead of the old (: thank you!)