My Missionary Momma (: And fam(;
P-day is today this week! Surprise (:
How are you? I am doing SO good! I can't believe that I am already almost out of here! I hope everyone is doing well (: Thank you so much for the easter package! It made my day. I also got a package from Hermana Hannah Downs.. got to pick them both up today.. and holy cow she's hilarious. She gave me lots of little things to take to California to help me keep cool and healthy.. like a little hand-held fan, and also otter pops! haha. (also she made me a t-shirt that says I'm the best manager ever, of Hannah Downs (; haha) I am feeling super loved here at the MTC (: I also have had the chance to see Brother and Sister Markham! More than once! This morning when I saw them at breakfast Sister Markham gave me a big hug from you mom (: Which was greeeat! I gave her a hug last night to give to you (; hehe She asked me to ask you about "glowing"? She said you talked about it! haha. They were in a little skit last night that was put on for the outgoing missionaries. They're surpringly good actors (; haha. They said it's really rare to run into the same person they know that many times.. it's a true blessing! Know I'm being taken care of, absolutely wherever I go (: Oh! Another thing that made me feel really good... I saw a girl from an iteam group I was over a few semesters ago at school and just in passing through a big crowd she was like, "Sister Busenbark! My iteam leader! Holy cow! You Must know, I look up to you so much!" and that was it.. I didn't even have time to thank her! I may be in need of a humbling experience here pretty soon (; haha. Just kidding. I am put in my place several times a day. THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN AND SO MUCH GROWTH TO BE MADE!! It's crazy. I know that I am nothing without Christ.. but luckily I also know that with Him all things are possible!! It's kinda cool to think that, whenever I am feeling inadequate as an effective teacher (after-all.. this is a huge responsibility! I am going to be helping God's children come unto Christ!! Don't want to mess That up,) all I have to think is.. wait, I AM TO qualified.. I was called of God! He knew of my weaknesses and short comings and yet He still decided to call me to serve, because He is there to make up the difference (: It's a pretty neat concept.
Guess what else? You keep mentioning how great Easter Sunday at the MTC will be.. YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! So.. let me tell you (: A general authority will be here to speak to us! AND I'M SINGING IN THE CHOIR!! What whaaat!! I can't even sing... well. Haha. I am truly blessed for the opprotunity! How often can you say that you sang in a Choir of 600 people testiftying of Christ all at the same time through song on easter Sunday with a general authority present? Yeeah. Pretty neat.
We are singing The Lord's My Shepherd.. so beautiful (: I'm doing the alto part. Which I am comfortable with. But guess what? I sang in devotional on Tuesday (which was also SO great.. same concept.. 600 of God's children testifying of Joseph Smith all at the same time! We sang Joseph Smith's first prayer. Which has always been my favorite. It reminded me of that time when we did that Joseph Smith tribute (what did they it called again?) when I was like 12 or 13. And we sang that song. And it's just like.. paints this beautiful picture through song of the first vision and it is SO POWERFUL!!) and during that song I sang 2nd saprano. That was interesting.. haha jk, it wasn't all that bad.. the choir director was HILARIOUS and SUCH A GOOD SINGER and actually taught me a lot about singing in just the few times we had practice.. kinda cool. Also he would stop every once in a while and teach us something awesome about the first vision and restoration of the gospel.. he is such a good teacher and incorporates it into the music rehearsal very well!! Very cool to be a part of.
Guess what I decided I was silly for not bringing? Pictures. I LOVE pictures. What was I thinking? haha. Adaley, could you go through some pics and chose one's to get printed and send to me? I DEFINITELY need one of the two of us. And the fam (: And just good ones that you think I might want.. Guess what ELSE I realized? (actually.. did I already tell you think? Idk. Oh well..) Come July there will be SO MANY NEW SISTERS and guess who is going to be training all these 19 year olds? ME!! Whaaaat. Pressure is on /: haha (:
Oh and along with that.. it seems as though my whole like I have heard that I will meet my husband on the mission.. Idk about that anymore... EVERYONE IS SO YOUNG (; hahaha But mature (: They've all been SO prepared by the Lord. It's awesome. But I Am definitely the oldest one. But, you know me, I don't pay much attention to age so I am getting along with everyone very well (: In fact, I think I have made 8 of my new best friends! (My district) Also.. my teacher is the closest one to my age. Hahaha. The sisters won't stop making fun of me.. for nothing, really. Just for being the same age and both single. haha. Girls will be girls.. even as missionaries (; haha
My branch president and his counselors.. SO GREAT!! They are seriously the sweetest most awesome men I've ever been blessed to serve with. One of them thinks I'm super awesome because of my firm handshake (; haha. Hilarious.
We sang "I am a Child of God" the other day.. MAN I AM SOOO GRATEFUL to have been blessed with parents kind and dear (: You guys are the best! And I truly am blessed (:
I thought it was awesome that you sent me the framed missionary definition mom, because I was actually going to send you the same thing (; Like you said.. we're DEFINITELY two peas in a pod.. I'm my mom's daughter, there's no doubt about that (;
Oh and THAT Reminds me of something to.. thank you SO MUCH for helping me be so organized and things! It makes packing and unpacking so fast, it makes managing my time much easier (which is great because I HATE the feeling of wasting the Lord's time...) and also all my clothes.. everyone thinks all my outfits are adorable and I wouldn't have been able to have done any of that alone (; haha Also.. the watch. Holy cow I love it. It's my favorite watch I've ever had. And trust me.. missionaries NEED watches. Especially at night time when I am falling asleep... I wear it still because I just love to hold my palm around it and think of you, mom (:
Also also.. working out every day feels SO GREAT!! So does waking up at 6:30 and going to bed at 10:30... surprisingly.. haha And eating full meals regularly. My body isn't giving me half as much problems as it has in the past. Word of wisdom.. really is wise!! haha
Oh and ALSO also.. the MTC is so great at accomidating (spell?) peoples needs.. I HAVE AN IPOD haha It's to listen to the Book of Mormon as I follow along. Which helps me comprehend so much. And I had a tutor for studying skills to help me retain what I study more.. her name was sister day and we studied 2 verses for 1 whole hour. I am running low on time so I'll have to write about that later.. but I Will because it was Awesome and I Have to share. (sorry that went bold.. I can't figure out how to change it back.. pressed it accidentally.) It was Alma 17:9-10. Study it! Using these steps.. we call it GO DEEP... 1. read. re-read. 2. Ask questions. (who? what? where? then deeper questions. why? how?) 3. Look for symbols. 4. Make it personal. And last but Certainly not least.. 5. Find Christ.
Alright family... I LOVE YOU SO STINKING MUCH!!
So happy to (hey that was weird.. it just changed back!) hear from you all!! You're so great and I pray for you all often and thank God for you every day!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE AND FULL!!
Love always, Sister Busenbark (: