This week we discussed family crisis, and how families all handle things differently. There are different types of crisis, and how we allow them to effect our family. We have the choice on how to handle them, and we also have the choice of what, if anything, to gain from it as well. Some crisis can end up being beneficial to the family and something that we are grateful for, but other times it takes longer to see those things. One way of coping with stressful situations is avoidance, another denial, and the other most common coping strategy is blaming someone else. Some people avoid dealing with the situation all together, as if they don't recognize it then it will disappear. And others do the same, only are in denial about the situation which essentially has the same result. Or if they don't take responsibility then that won't get anything done either. Crisis need to be handled, not left just sitting there, and they are best handled when not done alone. If it is a family crisis, it should start with the parents, and the children can be involved when appropriate. This, as I've seen first hand, can and will bring a family closer together as a unit and can be a great learning and growing opportunity and gain lifelong coping skills.