Communications can be a complicating thing, because we all have different backgrounds and were brought up differently. One "look" to me, may mean something completely different, or may not even mean anything at all, to you. A lot of communications isn't verbal, it can be body language, or even lack thereof. The saying that says "actions speak louder than words", well it's true, and it isn't just referring to good things either. Actions can be misinterpreted as a bad thing, when they weren't intended that way, too. This is why open communication is so important. If something goes bad, talk about it. Verbally talk about it. Not through texting or email or chat either. All of these things, they're nice and convenient, sure, but can easy be misinterpreted as well. The emotion and feeling is automatically taken out of typed material, leaving it up for their own interpretation, and they may interpret it differently than intended. Learning the way that someone prefers to show emotion or communicate can go a long way. Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.