In class this week we talked about affair prevention. We discussed a lot of different ideas about what effects different things can have on a marriage. Some of the things discussed included friends, Facebook, family, and fighting. One thing that I never really thought of before was the family getting in the way of their own family that they are starting now. But, it does make sense. Involving the family too much, or even going to them rather than your spouse can be a relevant problem. When we aren't bonding with our spouse we are simply bonding with someone/something else. Families can be too involved in a marriage in that they go to them instead of their spouse to work things out, which does nothing but damage. When telling the family about things going on in the marriage, we tend to only talk about the bad and not the good. And so when you make up and it was so cute and perfect, well they don't hear about that, and even if they do, they won't be as quick to forgive because they are not the ones in love with them. Another point were friends, it goes the same way. We need to draw the line before the wedding even takes place, and separate the marriage from other friendships so that the eternal bonding can more effectively take place. We can still have friends, of course, it is just crucial to put your spouse ahead of friends, and go to your spouse and rely on him/her instead of outside friends. And Facebook, it can be used for good but it can also be destructive if not used properly. Facebook shouldn't be a place where anything should ever go on that you wouldn't want your spouse to see. Simple as that.