In this weeks class, we discussed the transitions of marriage. And one of the things that I found particularly interesting was the differences between the wedding and the marriage, and the similarities as well. Because there is a difference, and yet the wedding kind of sets the tone for the whole wedding. We discussed what we like to see at weddings, and what we expect from our own wedding. I really like when we talked about the cost of a wedding, and how it can effect the marriage. If you spend all of your money on a wedding, then you will have little to live on, and yet the expectation will be there. I would suggest a low cost wedding, and yet it can still be a nice wedding. I have seen it done all the time. How you go about a wedding can tell a lot about how a marriage will be to, or at least what is important to them. Invitations are another factor in a wedding, it dictates the formality, the tone, and again the expectations. And that brings me to who you invite, if you invite family and friends or if you don't invite them at all. What you do to make it happen. What you do to get the people there. To me, family is important, so I plan on making it a point to try my hardest to plan it so that they can attend. But at the same time, I feel that it needs to start with me and my spouse even beginning before the marriage actually begins. If it is in the best interest of us to have it sooner rather than later, even if a family member cannot attend, I don't plan on waiting. But the priority is still there. And I truly believe that the wedding has very very different aspects than a marriage, but I have noticed that it does set the whole tone and expectations for a marriage.