When selecting a life long partner, often times people assume it would be a good idea to live with one another as a "test run" first. When, in reality, cohabitation is a bad idea; it often times leads to divorce, if they ever do decide to get married. This week in class we talked about cohabitation quite a bit, and it really stuck out to me. I guess when you think about it, on one side it "seems" like it really would make sense to see how someone lives before decided to marry them, but on the flip side it would be so hard to get the thought that there is an easy out to just leave. Divorce is a big deal, and should take place only under the right circumstances. Out of all of the divorces that take place, most of them could have been resolved. But, when you cohabitate with a person before marriage, divorce will be in the for front of the mind because before they were married they really could just leave. Most people don't realize, but you can discover enough about a person from dating and courtship to decide to marry them and then once the marriage takes place, sure there will be changes and things to get used to, but those things can be worked through and gotten use to when done the right way.