One thing that really stuck out to me this week in class was about the roles and divine purpose of gender. There are a lot of things that come along with our gender, and they're not just things that the world engraves into our minds are girl things or boy things, there are much more meaningful things than that. Females are to become mothers, and along with that is a natural desire to do so, and they can be natural nurturers of the home and family, where males are to become fathers and are meant to be the provider and protectors of the home and family. In class, we talked about how the mother's roles are focused more "in" the home and keeping everything safe, and the father's is more "out" in the sense of keeping things out of the home. There are many more qualities and characteristics that go along with gender, and in more depth with the mothers and fathers too, but I think that the role of a mother and father is the greatest role of them all and that each home and every child is entitled to be raised by both for they have such a huge impact on them.