This week in class what really stuck out to me were family rules. I realized that where it is a spoken rule, written down, or just known because of example or even just a simple look, we all have them. We all communicate with others, in some shape way or form. Even lack of communication is still communicating something. And, a lot of the times, the way that we learn the rules of our family are not necessarily through verbal communication. A lot of the times they are rules that we didn't even know were there until we broke them! Although every family has rules, not all families rules are the same. Everyone come from different backgrounds, and everyone expects different things. I personally believe that it is important to understand one another's backgrounds, in this case specifically when it comes to home and family rules. When we associate with, communicate with, and combine our lives with someone else it can be very important to know and understand what they expect. More often times than not it is different then the way we were brought up and learned to expect and react, but at the same time there are usually a lot of similarities. Within our families before marriage, it is important to pay attention to these rules and way our parents and other family members portray the expectations of the family. In my house, it was a known rule that on Monday night we were to be home and done with all of our homework by dinner time and family home evening. I was trying to think of how I came to know this rule, I don't recall anybody ever telling us, we just knew that it was happening and if we weren't there we received "the look". Whether we know it or not, all of our families have rules, and they are what help our home life maintain a constant organized life style.