This week we focused on diversity in families. What stuck out to me was not only how diversity within families can effect us, but also the different types of diversities there can be within families. Ones that I never really even thought of. It was really interesting to discuss how each of us has different family circumstances and how we handle those circumstances and how they effect us. My family circumstance I would call a good one. I feel very blessed for the situation that I was born into. My parents are both members of the LDS church, they are sealed in the temple, they are from similar background growing up a couple towns over from one another, they have three kids including me, and I'd say we are in the middle to upper-middle class. When learning about classes and how diversities and cultures can effect those, I thought it was really interesting upon learning that middle class is where the majority of people are, which I already knew, but I never really thought about what effects that. If you have an in-tacked marriage and where married when you are single then you're more likely to be in the middle to upper-middle class rather than the lower class. One of the things from that discussion that I also found interesting was that marriage is proven to be beneficial financially. Two incomes are better than one; it is simply cheaper to feed and shelter two people rather than one because you are splitting the cost rather than paying for two different rents, two different everything. Marriage is beneficial in more than just the financial aspect of things too. All these things, within diversity and culture, are things that we have to adjust to, learn to deal with, and they effect how our families run.