This week in class we talked a lot about how there are both good and bad research out there. It is important to do our research and find studies about topics that we are interested in to gain more knowledge, but we also don't want to fall for everything. Do your own research. Research into their research. Find out for yourself if it is something that you believe and trust or not. I definitely believe in forming your own opinion for yourself, and not just going along with what everyone else says. But luckily we can pray about it and find out for ourselves if it is right. Also, this reminds me, you don't have to just believe everything that I put up here. Find out for yourself. There are both good and bad research out there, but luckily I know that whatever the Prophets have taught, that they are true. Therefore, I know that The Family: A Proclamation to the World is a divine document that has divine principles and teachings in it. So I know that the family is central, and I know that there are things that can influence the way our families function, and if we are dedicated to finding those things out and acting on them that we can be successful. I look forward to doing some of my own studying into finding out more of how that can be accomplished, I know there is a way.